PQ Labs Multi-Touch Overlay

The PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screen, is more than just immersive and interactive. An affordable and easily install Multi-Touch is a plug-and-play solution that fits all kinds of industries from both developers to end-users.

The USB-powered Multi-Touch interface comes in sizes ranging from 32” to 65”, which offer standardized sizes to fit in any monitor with a touch frame and transform into a true Multi-Touch panel. Sensors around the screen can detects up to 6 simultaneous touch points on the 3mm/4mm tempered glass surface allowing for pinch and zoom photo viewing, offering a multi-touch gaming experience, bringing presentations to life or getting 3D models up close with designs. The Multi-Touch panel is claimed to have unlimited touch durability with 1.5mm finger touch accuracy and a touch response time of between 7ms and 12ms.

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