Video Wall Systems

A video wall is a multi monitor display consisting of a number of monitors, projectors, or televisions that are contiguous to form one large picture. Screens designed for this purpose are made with an especially low mullion or the space between screens. They are also made to daisy chain power, signal, and/or video so that a single image is displayed across the multiple screens in the system.

Screens like these can usually be found in stadiums, control rooms, and other similar settings. They are of great use in situations where people can view the screen from both far away and up close. Generally this means photos can be viewed from a distance on the screen and text up close but the systems have a wide variety of uses from simply displaying information to being interactive platforms.

Video wall systems can have a variety of uses. If you are thinking about getting a video wall system installed there are some things you should consider. When installing a video wall system it is important to think about what you hope to achieve with the video wall. What purpose does it serve for your business? Just knowing what it will be used for will help to bring important insights to the project of installing a video wall because it helps to determine how big a system you are looking to install and what exactly its capabilities need to be. This will also help to determine the price of the system. Different walls have very different prices depending on what they are intended for. Knowing the environment that the system will be installed in is also an important factor.

There are other things to consider when installing a video wall system as well. You need to choose the right place for the display. If it is for office use, can everyone see it where you want ti mount it? If it is for a public space, how far away do you need people to be able to read or view it? This will all help to determine where the best place to install the system is and what the system needs to have to be in that location. This includes concerns of cooling the system and powering it. When thinking about how the system will be installed it is important to decide whether the system will be mounted on the wall or recessed in it. One is much more intensive work than the other and can only be done in certain places. It is important to work with the the video wall system installer to ensure that you both are on the same page and that you have considered everything necessary for the wall’s installation.

Think carefully about the kind of content you want to display on your video wall. This will actually be the most important factor in determining what system you need. Are you planning on displaying photos, videos, or text? Will it need to be interactive or incorporate a social media feed? This will all make a difference when deciding what components to use in building the wall.

After you have the wall installed it is important to keep the content of the wall fresh. A video wall system that displays old content is a waste of money. Continually update the content of your video wall to get the most out of it. Keeping fish content on you video wall system will ensure that you are bringing in the most customers or reaching the most people with your system.

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