Our System Solutions

Innovisual enhances the impact and quality of communications through audio visual tools and solutions. Our expertise in room design and customized room control systems ensures the successful integration of audio, video and data presentation tools, which translates into functional and easy to use meeting facilities.

We provides high quality and professional system integration and audio visual design services by using a broad selection of the latest state-of-the-art AV and multimedia techniques and equipment which will guarantee to provide a positive impact to the participants and audience.

Its experienced team of professionals can be trusted to provide each customer a solution with complete project management. We provide the services from concept development, engineering design, physical room build out, to furniture consideration and modifications where every customer receives a cost-effective ergonomic audio-visual solution.

Let Innovisual help you with the following:

Integrated Audio Visual System

The features and functionality of an integrated audio visual system goes far beyond mere sound and video presence. Indeed it serves a myriad of environments from simple stand-alone single rooms to fully-integrated buildings covering wide-ranging purposes and requirements. Sophisticated systems often incorporate security features including image and voice identification and verification where required. InnoVisual can customise these systems to provide a totally user-friendly environment by integrating the controls of multiple audio visual equipments including big-screen TVs and sound systems into a personalised control device such as a smart phone or a tablet PC. At InnoVisual, we have customised audio visual systems to suit the needs of various environments including:

      • Cooperate Executive Boardroom
      • Conference & Meeting Room
      • Auditorium & Multi-Purpose Hall
      • Lecture Hall, Tutorial Room & Classroom
      • Senate / Council Chamber Hall
      • Edutainment Center
      • Huge corporate set-ups with multiple rooms


SMART Campus Solution

In the face of ever-changing marketplace and communications technology, it has become increasingly necessary to elevate the classroom environment of higher learning institutions to project current learning technologies and, more importantly, to be on par with current business practices and trends. Whether it's a classroom setting, multiple-classroom setting or campus-wide full-facility integration, InnoVisual's SMART Campus Solutions are capable of providing complete control and management of equipments and applications within a totally programmable environment. Real-time remote location control, monitoring and scheduling for multiple rooms can be achieved using a point-and-click yet user-friendly interface. Our solutions are designed and configured for complete efficiency in campus resource management.     

Distance Learning and Video Conferencing System

Video Conferencing Systems are widely used in many corporate entities throughout the world and serve as a vital component in ensuring the productivity, competitiveness and hence leadership of any business. With customisable real-time, multi-user and multi-location capabilities our systems not only save travelling time and related costs but also improves effectiveness and overall productivity. Imagine conducting a business meeting or formal presentation right in the comfort of your own office with either clients or branch locations across thousands of miles, separated by land and seas, and yet being able to meet them face-to-face and in-person. Or, a lecturer conducting classes in virtual learning to students from different locations all over the world via internet streaming. All these are possible with InnoVisual's high-definition video conferencing solutions that integrates with internet connectivity, leading to a fully immersive video conferencing experience for all users.

Information Dissemination System

InnoVisual's information dissemination systems cater to a wide array of application and utilisation across various industries. Our space-age digital signage solutions for shopping malls and other large areas allow for the creative creation of content. Incorporating sensor technology, persuasive messages can be transmitted at strategic locations to redirect consumer traffic to intended destinations or simply as a call to action. Public transport management systems that broadcast passenger boarding information for bus transportation, rail transportation and flights can be integrated with video and allow for advertising possibilities.

Command & Control Room Solution

With rising safety and security concerns within an increasingly volatile climate, the applications of the command and control room solutions play a vital role in monitoring, protecting, and maintaining public infrastructures and facilities. Our technologically advanced and integrated system ensures minimal response turnaround time and timely decision-making during times of crisis. With total environment management being the core consideration in configuring and customising our solutions, we work closely with our customers to understand and meet each customer's individual and specific needs. A critical component in designing an effective Command and Control Room solution is in finding the right match of appropriate, fit-for-function, compatible and interoperable equipments within a networked interactive environment that allows for user flexibility.

We do offer an extensive services for other key system solutions such as:

  • Sound Reinforcement System
  • Specialized Integrated Security System Solution
  • Multi-Media Lab System
  • Digital Audio Conferencing Solution
  • Digital Signage System
  • Video Wall System


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